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Cindy Manning - Team Photographer, Social Media Manager, Marketing
USAC Category 4, Women Racer

Jim McConnell- Head Coach & Team Director 

USA cycling Level 2
Former USAC Official
USAC Category 3, Racer
CPR / First Aid
Motorcycle Racing, Certified Race School Instructor



"I love sports and coaching and want to give back to the development of  junior cyclists."





Cycling is a sport that has made me reach deep within myself and search for the inner me. 

In 2005 and at 6’3” 248 pounds.  I wasn’t exactly the best build for competitive cycling but wanted to get back into athletic performance. In the beginning, I struggled to even ride and keep up in many group rides. I have found that through a focused training plan and a proper nutritional plan any rider will see vast improvements in their riding ability, health and motivational levels.

I continue to strive to improve my educational level on health, nutrition, training and cycling through continuing education seminars. 

I grew to love the sport and with the induction of my youngest son into cycling, I wanted to use my years of “coaching experience” and the ability to relate with junior athletes to guide him and all juniors on the team through a positive and exciting cycling experience.

In 2009, I became the head coach for the Orlando Road Club (ORC) and spent many wonderful years developing and mentoring the juniors on ORC into fine athletes, experienced cyclists and amazing your men.

My true passion is to continue to provide individualized “one on one” coaching services to athletes while always maintaining the best interest of the athlete in mind and not to that of my own.  

I want to prepare the rider for higher level competition, a comprehensive training PROGRAM and to enjoy the process along the way.

I have been honored and fortunate enough to be selected by USAC to coach at USAC Southeast Development Camp in Greenville S.C, in 2010, FBRA Florida Junior cycling camps in 2011 and 2012.

ORC Head Coach, 2009-2011
ORC Coach. 2005-2009
ORC Board Member, Treasure 2005-2009, Vice President 2009- 2011 Promoted over 10 Races        
USAC, Southeast Development Camp in S.C, Coach 2010     
FBRA, Florida Cycling Camp Coach, 2011     
FBRA, Florida Cycling Camp Coach, 2012
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Mike Hernandez-  Team Leader & Rider Mentor  
USAC Category 1, Racer 

Coaching Bio
I live in Orlando, Florida and have 3 children; Jamie, Damien and Dominique.  I have been involved in athletics my entire life, both as a player and as a coach.  Jim has been coaching junior athletes since 1997 across various disciplines and has had success with coached athletes progressing to the professional ranks of their disciplines.                                           


  • Road cycling- ORC, AAA, FBRA Camps                                                                    
  • Motorcycle Racing- AMA, CCS, WERA                                                              Personal participation and competition in:
  • Basketball- FBVA, AAU, YBOA IYB,USSSA




Road cycling


Mountain biking


Motorcycle racing

Basketball, Pro- Am level

 Football, Semi-Pro


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