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Ability to race along side the Stradalli-Safetti Pro team 
developing the QUALITY of our racers to the next level

WCS feels the “sit in and ride” tactic is not dedicated to developing a cyclist

Even though a positive race finish may be achieved at the local level; when the athlete races at a National level they are usually not equipped, prepared or trained to gain positive and competitive results, leaving frustrated and disappointed
Traveling creates the opportunity for Wizard Racing Development Team to:      challenge themselves against other cyclists,
race against varying talent levels and
prepare them to race at a next level.
Therefore, in addition to the development team goals, our mission is to provide opportunities for the cyclists to travel to other parts of the country during the season. 

Are you ready to be part of the next movement in cycling? 
A movement that’s dedicating itself to QUALITY racers not the QUANTITY of racers on a team.
How often do you see junior teams search for a talented rider; offer them “the moon”, use them to promote their service by rider association and then the program disappears when the money dries up? 

Wizard Racing’s focus is on the full development of the rider, preparing them for the next level of racing. Wizard Racing’s concept is to invest in motivated and dedicated riders to develop them to their maximum potential. 

Our goal is to focus on their success in “category events” for each junior cyclist which ultimately prepares them for a more challenging junior event because;

  • Junior events typically have riders sitting on a wheel
  • Junior cyclists drafting for the entire race hoping to achieve results at the end  
What Are we looking for?
  • Dedicated Riders
  • Loyalty
  • Willingness to Learn
  • Work Hard
  • Team Player
The Benefits of Wizard Racing Development Team
  •  Individualized, one on one, coaching and training program for every rider.
  • Race Skills developed around a team racing concept.
  • Handling skills
  • Mentoring both on and off the bike, not only by a coach but developed riders.
  • Mechanical skills.
  • Nutritional  knowledge
  • Coaching staff fully invested in the riders development and success


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